The Coming of the End of Daze

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I’ve been avoiding this. Remember? I was saying how we’d have an album out for your earballs to enjoy at the end of January? And how it’s February already? See that? That’s classic avoidance. Truth is, End of Daze has been done for a few weeks, but it’s taken me this long to come terms with Jesse, our awesome-sauce-totally-classes-up-the-place drummer moving back to Minnesota. It was a quick thing but for no emergency. He and his lovely wife, Jeri, moved home to live happily ever after, to be near family, to make new memories. There’s nothing more incredible than that so you can’t be mad. Unless you’re a twenty six year old baby like me. Then you can be a little sad, then more sad and then a little sadder. They’ve been gone like a week and a half and I miss them already! Bah!

Where does this leave Super Plaid? Fuck if I know. Jesse’s a lifetime member, no doubt. And we’ll play again, I can feel it. For right now, we’re musicians with instruments. There’s no plan beyond that right now. And, you know, that’s okay.

For now you can listen to all the fun we had [as a means of preparation for all the fun we will have]. You can dance to it, or just chill to it. Ladies and gentlemen, we offer End of Daze.


Title Track

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Our new album is called End of Daze and we can’t wait to share it with you. Its title track consists of this collection of words:

There is no amount of time worth wasting

On needless rat-racing

You can run

Oh, you can run

You should run

But only do so knowing it’s just an exercise

Otherwise you’ll wind up owing yourself time

You can turn around

Say yes, say no

Walk off the opposite direction

Step up, back down

You can appreciate every breath until your dying day

With all the muck, hurry and haze

Super Plaid is there at the of daze

And there lies clarity

Peace be still



Cello There, Fella

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The new album is full of goodness! Here’s the plaid scientist laying sounding it out.

super cello

Super Plaid predicts the End of Daze will come about in late January.


Coming Into Focus

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As End of Daze reaches its final days of recording, we’re faced with the question: Have you said everything you want to say? In striving toward the affirmative I seek peace. And a glass of water.

Super Plaid Will Be There At the End of the World

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Somewhere beneath an overcast Seattle sky, Plaid Scientist is in his laboratory, hard at work at the End of the Daze, our upcoming album. So far, we’re planning a thirteen-track journey unto the edges of forethought. We aim to blow your mind, dazzling your beautiful ears drums with swells of drum, bass, guitar, keys.

Here lie the lyrics for End of the World [which is, after all, only the beginning]

It’s that end-of-the-world-type music

That really, really creeps you out

It’s that end-of-the-world-type music

That lets you know all the zombies are out

It’s the end of the world

And you’re unprepared

You’re tired, cranky and you might be scared

Cause you’re there at the end of the world

So you feel like you’ve won something

But you really didn’t

All you get to do now is be independent

There’s no one around

No, there’s no one to talk to

So you find yourself a dog

But the bitch walks out on you

It’s the end of the world, the end of the world

It’s the end of the world

And hey, wouldn’t ya know it

Your bills are still due

And your boyfriend’s a poet

Everything you know

Everything you thought was wrong

And you’re late for your taxes

And you need more practice

It’s the end

It’s the end of the ride

And you didn’t buy a ticket

It’s the end of the night

And you’re gonna get evicted

It’s the end of the night

Cause you didn’t pay attention to the last one

And your library books are due

And you’ve got so much stuff to do

Dawn of Aquarius

It’s really, really serious

As we know it

Oh hey, don’t blow it

Yes, it’s 2012

And we’re all gonna burn

It’s the end.


Fear not, friends. For the end is but a new beginning, with it will come the End of Daze. The start of clarity.

Stay Pl#id!

New Album in the Works

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There’s a whole lotta work that goes into a finished, mastered, complete album. Step one, have fun.


pl#id scientist in his natural atmosphere

by the time he’s ready to start drummin he’s all red and blue in the face


This One Time I Went to Bandcamp…

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Download our album, Second Spectrum, on Bandcamp now!



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